About Us

Radiological Technology International Cooperation Academy(RTIC)

President’s Greeting

This Academy was launched on August 1 2018.
The purpose of RTIC is providing practical human resource-
development and a place where you can play an active role afterwards.
For this reason, in cooperation with various organization of radiological
medicine in Japan and overseas. And it is a academy that continues to
contribute to the international community through education and training


  • President:Kaoru MATSUBARA( Senior Adviser of Association of ​Radiological Technologists in Japan Private Medical School Hospitals)
  • Vice President:Eiko UENO (Chief director of Iida Hospital) ​
  • Vice President:Haruyoshi HOSHITO (President of Association of Radiological Technologists in Japan Private Medical School Hospitals)​
  • Vice President:Yasuaki SAKANO (Professor of Juntendo University)​
  • Director:Kenji Ogawa (Director of Nippon Koukan Hospital)​
  • Director:Hiromasa Kurosaki (Director of Radiotherapy Department, ​)
  • Director:Takashi Shiraki (Chief of Dep. of Radiological Technology,​The University of Tokyo Hospital)


  • Radiologists​
  • Radiological Technologist​
  • Persons of Radiation-related Occupation​
  • Other​

Supporting Members​

  • Radiation-related Companies​
  • Companies involved in Oversea management​
  • Other

Business related to international
contribution by radiation personnel

  1. Developing Japanese – RT Global Human​ Resources.​
  2. Japan’s radiation technology exports. ​
  3. Dispatch of Japanese radiological technologist (RT) overseas . ​
  4. Effective use of radiologists in Japan.​